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Token : XAS
Latest Price : $ 0.667986 / Ƀ 0.00010329  (-8.86%)
Marketcap: $ 62360054.0

Asch (XAS) A Lesser Known China Blockchain That Rivels NEO and Qtum

Asch is a blockchain-based platform develop in China. The Asch blockchain network aims to assist developers to create and deploy decentralized applications (DAPPS).

Although it is based on an Ethereum-like sharing economy creation model, Asch is designed to make developers’ life much easier: adopting JavaScript as development language, and supporting DBMS to store the transaction data. Asch believed it had addressed the scalability issues that Ethereum is still struggling with.

The main token is XAS to provide the gas to fuel the network’s economy. The XAS deploy in a separate side chain. The outer ledger protocol that linked from the core blockchain able to process and execute independently with its own ledger and isn’t immutable, thus allowing developers to be able to constantly customize their Dapps.

Asch Whitepaper

Asch whitepaper :

Asch has a lot of advantages in design when compared with other distributed application development platforms: adopting JavaScript as development language, supporting relational database to store the transaction data, all of these approaches make DApp development like developing a traditional web application, which must be extremely attractive to developers and SMEs. We believe the ecosystem of the whole platform will not be developed sustainably unless developers productivity could be promoted. Aschis also an open platform whose focus is not limited to a particular area, such as finance, document storage, or copywrite proof, but is on providing a series of underlying and abstract APIs, which can be combined and utilized to realize almost all kinds of applications. In addition Asch system utilized enhanced DPOS algorithm in its consensus mechanism to significantly reduce the probability of block fork and the risk of duplicate payment. Most importantly, Asch’s sidechain-is-application mode can not only alleviate the blockchain inflation issue, but also make DApp more resilient and characteristic. Overall, Asch is a prospective, low-cost, one-stop solution that is surely able to be the incubator of next generation decentralized application.

Asch Roadmap

Asch XAS roadmap

Asch Platform vs Ethereum vs Lisk

Asch vs Ethereum vs Lisk

ICO projects based on Asch platform,

The first DApp build on Asch protocol: CCT(Cryptocurrency Time)

CCT is a distributed social news sharing and communication platform which based on ASCH cross-chain technology. It uses the blockchain technology to change existing centralized content market structure and build a news gathering and content sharing platform that has value and meets the needs of the public. As the first DApp of Asch, it adopts targeted community airdrop instead of carrying out ICO mode. To be a grateful and profound product which is long-term supported by community. More contents. Welcome to join CCT official Tencent QQ group: 644658047

The first DApp build on Asch protocol: CCT(Cryptocurrency Time

Killing Chain is the world’s first multiplayer online battle royal video game developed based on crypto digital currency

Killing Chain is the world’s first multiplayer online battle royal video game developed based on crypto digital currency

Killing Chain is the world’s first multiplayer online battle royal video game developed based on crypto digital currency, published for PC and for mobile, with the battle royal as the core game feature. With development team from leading game development firms including Blizzard Entertainment and Ubisoft, two years of production with over 100 million investment volume, the game has entered its testing phase and is expected to be launch in October 2017.

Take away: Sleeping Yellow Giant?

I can’t take anything away from the prospect this project could possibly bring to the table. Asch is in the middle of the current ICO hype epicenter – China. But it will face tremendous competitors that are much are well-known: NEO and Qtum for the same ICO markets. If you reckon the ICO market would be continued to grow, ASCH definitely would benefit from it.

There is not a whole lot really we able find out for the time being about the devs. They seem more focus to serves the China market at the moment. And XAS is only trading in 4-5 exchanges that are all based in China.

The XAS daily trading volume averages around $4 million which is not bad consider not many people knew this digital token and only listed on a handful of Chinese Bitcoin exchanges. The marketcap is still low at $55 million compared to NEO‘s $2 billion and Qtum $767 million.

Due to the low valuation, I believe this token can be worth much more in the medium and long term, but still pending the success of the platform.

Asch XAS daily chart

Asch Markets,

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Asch $XAS Links
Official Asch Website
Asch Documentation Site
Asch Blockexplorer
Asch Forum
Asch Nodes/Mainet
Asch Testnet
Asch Bitcointalk Annoucement
Facebook @AschPlatform
Twitter @Asch_Global
Reddit r/AschPlatform
Linkedin @XXXX
Asch Slack
✘ QQ Group – 485979564 545183438

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