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Bitcoin has ushered in a landmark day since the first bitcoin interviews for 9 years, and as of January 13, 16.8 million bitcoins, or 80% of bitcoin, have been mined, meaning that the remaining The amount of bitcoin to be mined is only 20% (about 4.2 million). Next, the digital assets created by Nakamoto will be increasingly difficult to obtain.

The total amount of bitcoin is 21 million, as of January 13, 2018, there have been 16.8 million bitcoin mined worldwide, leaving one fifth, or 4.2 million bitcoin waiting for everyone to dig . When Bitcoin inventor Nakamoto introduced the Bitcoin protocol to the public in 2009, Bitcoin said Bitcoin is a limited supply of virtual currency, the total supply of bitcoin will never increase, and Nakamoto will put bitcoin The total set at 21 million. So far, the world’s miners and mines are still still abide by this rule. But theoretically, skeptics think there is still the possibility of raising the total amount of bitcoin through special means of operation.

As the total is only 21 million, the difficulty of obtaining bitcoin will become larger and larger, and will become increasingly scarce. In most cases, when the supply of certain assets is limited and access to resources is more difficult, the balance between supply and demand in the market will be broken. From the current circulation of bitcoin, we can see that there is a huge gap between stock and market demand. At present, most people think that with the gradual decline in the number of bitcoin mining, bitcoin prices will be higher and higher.

We’re all used to simply copying and pasting MP3s or digital movie files right on your computer. Compared with the total amount of Rwanda’s currency of up to 100 billion, the total amount of 21 million bitcoin makes this kind of virtual currency invented by Nakamoto uniquely non-replicable.

Please do your own due diligence before making any investment decision. This article should not serve as investment advice. This post is mainly as reference and tutorial for trading on possible cryptocurrency breakout.

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