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What to invest when BTC and LTC hitting All time high now? Here I would like to maintain a log on my investment and trading plan throughout this month.

Crypto Investment Strategy and Portfolio - September 2017

BTW, I am not a qualified investment advisor, this post is only my personal opinion. Please do your own research. And only invest the money you could afford to lose.

And my investment strategy and plan is not perfect. What worked for me might not work for you, but used it as references or tutorials. Even with the bad investment decisions, learn from it. I had in trading for like 20 years and in the crypto for a good few years now.

I think cryptocurrency is the current thing to do, to invest and to trade. Crypto is real, BItcoin is the REAL. A thing with value only when people perceived it as a valuable item. Metal gold is only a mineral, it has value because we human think it is valuable and precious, same as fiat money. The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency era is still very early stage. Imagined only 3 million active users of cryptocurrency, and less than 0.01% worldwide adoption now, what will happen when the adoption hit 1% adoption. the market value will soon be reaching trillions, now it is around $170 billion.

cryptocurrency bitcoin investment

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency era is still very early stage. Imagined only 3 million active users of cryptocurrency, and less than 0.01% worldwide adoption now, what will happen when the adoption hit 1% adoption. the market value will soon be reaching trillions, now it is around $170 billion.

I try not to pull deeper into this discussion at the moment, I am sure you can find more information about this from people that are qualified. I can assure you that at least 99% of my investment is in crypto.

First up, just simple round up of my investment plans.

The best strategy is just to buy and hodl BItcoin, That is my most fundamental strategy. Most of my investment plan evolved into how to accumulate more bitcoins. Of course, I also have positive long term outlook for some other altcoins.

So, that’s my core investment philosophy in this crypto era.

Next up, I break up the portfolio into Bitcoin and other crytpo coins. I have no certain weighting on how much in the Bitcoin or altcoin bracket. But I do try to convert from altcoins to BTC when I found the right time.

Before recently, I would always buy bitcoins in order to trade altcoins. But now, I am doing the other round.  Why? First, Bitcoin price had been becoming more expensive. So, I think buying cheaper altcoin is more viable. Furthermore, unlike a few months ago, now it is much easier to buy altcoins directly compared to just a few months ago. Before, we can only buy/trade altcoins with Bitcoin. So we have fewer choices back then.

* I mostly bought my coins with changelly and Changelly even now have the buy NEO option, which is fantastic.

Before we dived into deeper more these, please keep this investment discipline,

1 – Try to check your emotion
Don’t ever chasing coins when they are pumping at all time high. Only buy when the price is correct and falling. As long as the coin is a viable project, it will recover. The market is full of emotional people. When price riding high, try to stay away. Only enter when the market is selling or dumping. Don’t get carried away, buying opportunities exist all the time.

2 – Do your research.
Read the news on google and major Bitcoin and investment updates. Follow up all the happenings on social media. Do you own due diligent. Invest and trade with data and research. made sure the coin you are interested in is a viable project with solid development and management team behind it. Also, join and read the community. Join the slack group, telegram channel, follow them on twitter. Plus, please do check out bitcointalk forum, this bbs is a must. It has been around since the early days.

3- Price and technical analysis
Please check the price and chart on regular basis. You don’t have to be a chart specialist to really to understand the technical analysis. Is charting essential? I think it is getting more important. The chart at least lets us see the price trend and pattern, this will help us when is the entry point. Moreover, when we can sense the oversold and overhype market. But keep it simple, you don’t need a university degree on charting to use them. Some simple chart reading should be sufficient. Also, do check out price index sites such as coinmarketcap and worldcoinindex. Please see this page for more other price and chart websites.

* Please google and search for more for further details. There are tons of really useful resources on investment. I can only covered really minor details here.

The most important aspect I try to uphold is my investment entry is always when the price is away from the all record price levels. Additionally, I prefer long term strategy by accumulating. I target to buy certain coins in a small amount based on my portfolio in daily or weekly basis.

cryptocurrency investment portfolio
Pie chart i found on twitter that is quite spot on, almost 90% similar to mine.

Ok, let’s move into altcoins portfolio. I basically grouped them into three categories,

1 – long term hodl
2 – medium term investment
3 – speculative short term play
* all coins listed even in my speculative column shares a fundamental aspect – that is, I will make sure the coin is a workable idea with working products with a trustworthy team after I did my research. Essentially stays away from dad projects and don’t ever get involved in pump and dump trades.
** the coins listed might change in terms of its fundamental outlook. The coins is only applicable for the time of the writing as of September 2017.

The post only listing of my coins that I am looking at for September, I will get into more details of each of the coin on separate posts. The coin choice is my own preferences, there are more altcoins with great prospect that I might overlook. I wish to post on the coins that are in my watchlist rather than those not.

* the list is not by any logical orders, just randomized.

1 – long term hodl

First off, Bitcoin is top of the list. Is still a good option when the Bitcoin price is $5k now? I had the exact same question when the price was at $200 a few years ago.  The thing I realized from over the years in the crypto sphere is Bitcoin will be just like gold. It will always be expensive all the time regardless the numerical value of it.

Then, there are altcoins that I believe will be here to stay for more than few years. These are mostly on the top 20 list except some those new ICO that pop into the list then disappeared after.

And I have own favorite coins for the long haul. Here are my personal choice for the long term investment,
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
OmiseGo (OMG)
Litecoin (LTC)
Factom (FCT)
Golem (GNT)

I also did some mining particularly on cloud mining which generates coins into my portfolio. But the amount is fairly small, and the return is moderate. If anyone interest to find out about mining or cloud mining, hit to google or bitcointalk. You should able to information on it.

2 – medium term investment

These coins are created with the brilliant idea and with great potential. Some of them are still in early development stage. Thus, the status is still pending and could upgrade into my long term hodl.
TenX (PAY)
Siacoin (SIA)
Verge (XVG)
Decred (DCR)
Asch (XAS)
SIBcoin (SIB)
Civic (CVC)
Basic Attention Token (BAT)
No Limit Coin (NLC2)

3 – speculative short term play

These coins are riskier compared to the long and medium term. But, these are all viable projects too. There are not some pump and dump coins. I will not invest or trade shitcoins that shot up suddenly with any fundamental justification.

One of the main criteria that I classified them as speculative and probably short term play are that these coins have been trading at the bearish trend and the price has not moved up yet. From this point of view, I predict a breakout could happen soon.

Decent (DCT)
Bitbay (BAY)
DigiByte (DGB)
Matchpool (GUP)
SolarCoin (SLR)
district0x (DNT)
Edgeless (EDG)
FunFair (FUN)
LBRY Credits (LBC)
ICOMonetha (MHT)

Do remember, sometimes these type of trading brings in the most profit in terms ROI in a short term.


Watchlists (pending for more research),
AdEx (ADX)
Aragon (ANT)
BitConnect (BCC)
MaidSafeCoin (MAID)
WeTrust (TRST)


Besides, there is other’investment’ that I involved in, but that involves much greater risk. But it is not big secrets, one of it just some investment into crypto fund that ‘guarantee’ certain profits in given time. Another is I have been testing scalping and swing trade on conventional forex broker’s platform. Both of them are generating healthy returns on a daily basis. I would probably share my experience and method too on my future posts.


Please do leave any comments if you have inputs, questions or wish to correct any errors on the page. Every comment except spam is welcomed.


Please use these only as a reference, I am not an investment advisor. I am just a crypto naut who enjoys living in the crypto space more than anything else.

Again, trading crypto or any investment carries a huge risk. You can lose your money.

Please do keep holding BItcoin. That;s the true thing that matters. It would change your life as it did in my life.


image via twitter


Please do your own due diligence before making any investment decision. This article should not serve as investment advice. This post is mainly as reference and tutorial for trading on possible cryptocurrency breakout.

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