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DSH/USD - technical analysis

Market depth DSH/USD on HitBTC
Market depth DSH/USD on HitBTC.

DASH prices against USD retain pressing on top corner of the rising flag structure. The last traded price was 11.269, still a two-and-a-half month high. The slimming volume could check the upward move. The current price is also dangerously floating inside the resistance levels. A flush of selling could pull the DASH prices down. Take a look on the diagram for possible trading ideas. But the super-thin volume does not provide an idea trading condition in these few days. And please make sure to put prudent stop lose and take profit level to prevent any unnecessary losses, if you decided to trade.

I maintain a bullish outlook for DSH/USD and a possible testing the all time of 15.245 soon.

trade DASH/USD on hitBTC
:: Trade DASH on HitBTC

chart by and data from Poloniex and HitBTC.

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