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HireMatch is new blockchain project that aims to disrupt the current job marketplace status quo. They just launched a token sale for their HIRE token which is built on top of ERC20 Ethereum smart contract protocol.

What Is HireMatch?

HireMatch - First Decentralized Blockchain Employee Recruitment Platform

HireMatch is the first recruitment platform that based entirely on decentralized blockchain technology.

It is a Decentralization Application (DApp) that will eliminate unnecessary friction and third-party intermediary overheads such as overpriced recruiters. HireMtach would cut the cost of finding, interviewing and hiring new employees with better ‘Agents’ incentive scheme with the HIRE token.

What Problem does It solve?

The recruitment industry has been largely remained unchanged for last 15-20 years or so. The online job market is dominated by few players and has been ineffective. The current process to hire is time-consuming, wasting human energy, costly, limited potential applicants and low quality of recruitment. All these conventional centralized decision-making processes are out-of-time. And a decentralized system is proven can be a better option.

HireMatch aims to solve all these with a truly decentralized, blockchain-based Employee Recruitment Platform.

The HireMatch solution,
1) Reduces the cost
2) Accelerate the process of recruitment
3) Improve employee quality
4) Boost the engagement with jobseeker, employer and agency.
5) Tokenization will even-handed the disbursement method

HireMatch hopes to smack the current job market that is controlled by a small number of large companies and redistribute the power and reward back to the people through the HIRE token system.

How Is The System Work?

1) The company post on the platform with the job requirement and selects a bounty in the form of HIRE coin to open a new recruitment offer.
2) The job offer published via SMart Contract on the Ehtereum blockchain.
3) Agents that match the requirements will get the notification with the new job offer. The agent then refers to all contact to shortlist the potential recruits.
4) When the applicant is selected by the company, the final bounty would be channeled via the smart contract to every agent that participate in the process. This may include the referrals and interviews that were accepted by the company. The contract closed.

The Agent:
An agent can be a human agent acting via our mobile app or website or a smart software agent (bot) connected via API.

The Token

The HIRE token is an integral part of the HireMatch concept. It is the main reward component that fuels the investors and participants interest in the HireMatch ecosystem.

(HIRE) is an ERC20-based digital token that serves as partial ownership and gas for the HireMatch job network. The main function of the token is to incentivize user agents to match, recommend and verify applicants for job listings.

HIRE paid via smart contract to agents when
1) recommending
2) validating applicants
3) the referred applicant is hired

The maximum unit of HIRE is capped at 100,000,000 unit.


The Roadmap

According to their whitepaper and roadmap published on the official website, there are four major phases:

Research – Gather the much-needed market intelligence to plan and implement a scalable, robust decentralized job recruitment platform.
Implementation & Expansion – Create and release beta version of the platform mobile application, API and web application.
Marketing – Market the platform and its benefits to the general public and the recruitment industry via raditional advertising(online and offline), tradeshows and webinars. Outreach to HR managers, recruiters or anyone that can benefit from the platform.
The Future – Build up the HireMatch infrastructure and API and continue 2, 3 and 4 infinitely.(check on the diagram below)


They already had a beta v1.0 app but the actual beta version for the public will only be released in Q3 2018. A review version is slotted on January next year while the review platform should be out in fourth-quarter 2017. They will finalize the token sales and distribution from October until Novermber 2017.



The Team

Armando Pantoja, Chief Architect, Cofounder
Chad Kettering, Chief Marketer, Cofounder
Aladin Ben Sassi, Ui/Ux Designer
M.J. Pantoja, Advisor, Human, Resource Expert
Baer Noldus, RandstadAdvisor

HireMatch team is small but a well-diversified one. The team consists members with vast experience in HR field. You can search through their Linkin page to view their details.


The Token Sale ICO

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starts on October 1st, 9:45 AM EST and ends on October 31st, 9:45AM EST. Once the ICO begins, anyone can participate by sending Ether to the official ICO Contract Address on this page. Do not send ETH to ANY address before the starting date or your money will be lost and you will need to repeat the process.

* bonus offered during the ICO

Details Of Token Sales,
ICO period:              October 1   –   October 31
Price Token:             1800 HIRE = 1 ETH
Maximum supply:   100,000,000 HIRE


A 30% allocation of (HIRE) tokens will be allotted to the founding team members, subject to a twelve(12) month holding period. These tokens will serve as longterm incentive for the HireMatch founding team and to
HireMatch employees.



The online job market is always been a challenging but lucrative. HireMatch is a perfect position to reap the potential benefits. HireMtach presents us a chance to participate early. They have real user case but still pending on the final product. which scheduled to be launch at the end of 2018.  The business concept is straightforward. The deployment of automated application tools which minimize human is surely an interesting one yet I personally believe it is workable. The team looks good from the simple google and Linkin research.


Please check on the links and join thier slack group to find out about HireMatch.


Quick Links

Official HireMatch Website
Bitcointalk Announcement
Facebook @hirematchico
Twitter @hire_match
Reddit r/Hirematch
Linkedin @XXXX


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