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The most innovative way to exchange crypto currency is by setting up a bit coin wallet. First, buy some bit coins with tangible money and then exchange them in an exchanging site to altcoins of your choice. By doing so, you will then be expected to securely maintain one or more digital wallets to keep and exchange the purchased coins. It is vital to note that these wallets are very prone to hackers.

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What you should know while trading crypto currencies

The crypto market changes at a very high rate, whereby new crypto currencies are generated as others disappear. The main thing that attracts people to crypto currency exchange is the need to protect themselves against the devaluation of currencies in their own countries. Lucky enough, many retailer stores in array countries have started accepting bit coin together with other forms of digital currencies as a mode of payment.

Additionally, various factors can push the price of the crypto currencies up or down. The greater the demand, the higher the price. Also, both the demand and the price of these coins can be affected by the traders who buy coins on speculations basis. In general, the crypto currency cap is at a higher level in most cases. This is because many people are continuously learning what crypto currencies are and they are also considering them as an investment portfolio.

Tips for crypto currencies trading

The exchange is governed by a rule of buying low and sell higher. This rule applies to a particular pattern of crypto currencies’ prices regularly shifting between certain price points. Irrespective of the size of your capital, you will always find a digital currency that will perfectly match your needs to trade. In addition, keeping track on the news of the digital currencies is essential because it can help you to select the crypto currency that best suits you.

Before you commence the exchange process, there are two factors that you should consider. These elements are the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis. Technical analysis embraces on the research that is conducted with any financial asset. On the other hand, structural analysis takes into account the vulnerability of the crypto currency market and the fact that these markets can be manipulated by the stakeholders for their good.

Crypto currencies are forms of currencies that will be in permanent use in the near future; they have the ability to transform the world financial system. Regardless of the challenges facing it, for instance, cyber-crime, many people are increasingly using it. However, it should be noted that crypto currencies have crashed before and just like any other financial institution this can happen again.

Why Cryptopia?

Why Cryptopia is top 20 cryptocurrency exchange now. Read in detail below to find out more.

Cryptopia was officially incorporated in New Zealand.

Cryptopia is a digital asset exchange with official URL at From the latest data from coinmarketcap and cryptocompare, Cryptopia was rank at 19 in terms of total trading volume among exchanges over a 24 hour period.

Cryptopia is famous for shitcoins trading. The biggest attraction of more traders is its listing of a huge number of lesser known coins in its market. It is popular for new coin to kickstart their project. There are many coins that traded in cryptopia that cannot be found anywhere else. Among the most active token in cryptopia are ChainCoin (CHC), VOISE (VSM), Skycoin (SKY), Komodo (KMD) and others

Cryptopia offers to anyone to buy and sell digital assets as well as real products and services regardless of your location.

Cryptopia trading platform is very user-friendly and full of other unique features such as lottery, arbitrage, and reward for users. Users also can find abundance of trading opportunities with a huge selection of altcoins.


Cryptopia Site Structure and Main Goodies,

Cryptocurrency Exchange

The site is the main feature of Cryptopia. The Cryptopia Cryptocurrency Exchange is top 20 most active altcoins trading. Besides, it is one the arguably the largest open trade as far as the quantity of digital tokens is concerned.  It offers various pairings in the trading portfolio. The major base denominated assets are Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, NZDT, Litecoin (LTC) and DOGE.

The CoinInfo

Cryptopia provides all the important information and useful resources on every coins in its market place in the CoinInfo page. The information presented quite details as well as algorithm deployed by the altcoin, in the network, real time number of connections, the block size, the wallet status, the listing status, plus the in-house overall rating.


The Cryptopia marketplace is the e-shop section in the site that you may not find in any other cryptocurrency exchange. It aims to become a convenient place to buy and sell products and services to anyone, anywhere in the world in exchange for cryptocurrency (the primary exchange token is btc, but you can exchange from any altcoins to btc before buying in the marketplace). You can buy and sell items with zero fees. Furthermore,  you can opt for an auction or classified method of listing. The marketplace provides anyone the chance to start turning your cryptocurrency holdings into real-world goods and services today.

The Forum

The discussion board in the site facilitate any open conversions, questions, and comments among members and the site staff.  The thread opened on the site are involved various topics including the site user guide and bugs, coin discussion, the site API, the marketplace, the mining issues, and etc. The forum also supports discussion in other languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Chinese etc.

Please do your own due diligence before making any investment decision. This article should not serve as investment advice. This post is mainly as reference and tutorial for trading on possible cryptocurrency breakout.

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The News/Information Update

This page is the official updating announcement from the Cryptopia management. It also list the the latest tweets from the official Twitter account. Click here for the news page.


Cryptopia has random lucky lottery game where you have to chance to win cryptocurrencies every day. The coin selection for the drawing is ambiguous but each coin operator can opt in for their coin in the lotto game via “Paytopia Page”. The daily lotto draw gives coin operator the chance to gain additional exposure. The value of the bounty can be set by the operator, so the prizes are not standard.  Any users are required to buy a ticket to enter the draw through the specific altcoins.


Cryptopia has an arbitrage page is for everyone to check arbitrage chances across few crytocurrency exchange.This section will list major cryptocurrency market prices on different marketplace in Bittrex, Blueutrade and Poloniex. These will offer anyone to take advantage of those price differences to make a bit of profit. However, the arbitrage trade is vigorously difficult especially in the high-liquidity currencies like Bitcoin and all other popular altcoins, even though there are still be arbitrage opportunities for low-volume currencies. The data are presented in real time, clean and very easy to view.

Cryptopia Rewards

Cryptopia has a bonus for any user for performing certain tasks in the site. The reward system is random and generated through a reward bot. Based on the information from Cryptopia explanations,

The Cryptopia reward bot rewards you for using the site and can earn you coins for certain actions.Rewards occur for random coins with random amounts for random tasks during specific time windows, if the correct action is performed during the correct time then a reward is earned.

Some of the tasks are locating a block on a Cryptopia pool, submitting a share to a Cryptopia pool, or participate in the Trollbox, sharing tips in the Trollbox or finished a trade in the exchange. One of the rewards is a rebate of 0.011% of your trade.


Cryptopia is offering a wide range of ‘extras’ in their websites. One of the main selling points of Cryptopia is it maintain flexi listing requirements of new coins. Any coins with a valid blockchain network can apply and pay the listing payment to be listed on the exchange.

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