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Some little bit of the basic info and background about Matchpool.

About Matchpool (GUP)

Matchpool was launched in early of 2017. It aims to create a matchmaking app that based on the decentralized blockchain.  It uses the token called Guppy token or Guppies (GUP) build on Ethereum ERC20 smart contract protocol for payment process within the platform.

Matchpool targets at solving dehumanizing profiling strategies and demographic imbalances in dating app. The app will hope to create a sharing economy and helps in the matchmaking process.

Individuals will be able to create their own matchmaking pools via the Matchpool mobile app,
– Matchpool will focus on “pools” in its platform. Pools are essential groups that people would gather in and ‘meet’ each other.
– The pools will be themed in groups based on demographics, geography, and interests, There will be fees (regular and entry) in the GUP tokens.
– Members have profiles, but they are useless outside pools.
– There will be two types of participants, namely joiners and hosts.
– The joiners can be normal users or helpers. Helpers can function as helping any users to match each other.
– Hosts are responsible for creating pools and deciding on rewards distribution to helpers and fees for users.

The Mobile Dating App Market

– The mobile dating app, revenue has increased ten folds from 2009 to 2017, however, the margin of growth is decreasing. That shows the market is reaching near maturity stage. Matchpool seeks to rejuvenate more growth stream through decentralization and sharing economy model.

Online Dating Market Share

Currently, the market is dominated by few big players. They are roughly 9 apps that dominate the market share. But new entries still have to chance to gain market share if they have new and unique features in their app.
Matchpool stands a good chance to grab the market share through the advanced technology that enhances the profiling and pool creation that will drive users engagement in addition to the tokenization ecosystem.

Tokens and Earnings

The GUP tokens will be disbursed to three main type of users,
1 – Joiners. The GUP is the only token accept in the app.
2 – Hosts. They will receive GUP in the form of fees from users.
3 – Investors.

GUP tokens

The platform’s native guppy token (GUP) will have supply of 100 million, with 60% released in the crowdsale and 20% issued for the team & advisors. Team & advisor tokens will be non-transferable for 1 year after crowdsale. There will also be irregular emissions totalling 18% of supply for new users over the first two years. Here it is worth noting that controls will be in place to ensure only high-quality users receive newcomer credits. Potential requirements are a female profile with at least 300 Facebook friends. Finally, the remaining 2% will be issued and distributed as bounties immediately following the crowdsale. Details regarding the sale’s bonus structure can be found below.

Role of token: April 2nd, 2017 to April 30th, 2017
Token Supply: Distributed immediately; however, tokens will be frozen until May 21st, 2017
Distributed in ICO: 60 million
Emission rate: 18 million tokens released over first two years
Blockchain: Ethereum

The Goods,

Matchpool will be first ever dating dapp. This could be huge when the app rolled out.

Matchpool has a strong team, with experienced talent in the field behind it. The advisory team is comprising well-known personalities in the blockchain space.

Their successful ICO generated large sum of ethers. These fund should be sufficient for the team to develop the project’s infrastructure and launch the app.

The biggest advantage for Matchpool is the sharing economy it create, real money could be the most important catalyst for more participation for people joining in and develop the community.


December 2016    Plan out the platform and hone vision
January 2017        Start working on the MVP
February 2017      Prepare for crowdsale
March 2017          Launch crowdsale
August 2017        Release production platform worldwide
First 2 years         Distribute all incentive tokens

source : Matchpool Whitepaper

Latest Updates On Matchpool

Matchpool Alpha 1 Minute Overview

They just released their latest apps as announced on their twitter account. Good things should be coming to this coin.

Matchpool (GUP) Technical Analysis

Latest price : $0.256064 / 0.00005585 BTC
Circulating supply: 75,000,000 GUP
Marketcap : $19,204,800

Matchpool (GUP/BTC). daily chart. data source: Bittrex.

Matchpool (GUP/BTC). daily chart. data source: Bittrex.
Matchpool (GUP/BTC). daily chart. data source: Bittrex.

The current GUP price was about 70% off the June peak. The continuous sell-off throughout since then is aligned with the general altcoin bearish trend. Furthermore, the project team showing little progress since the company ICO ended in April.

In August, the Guppy (GUP) price against Bitcoin had been recovered steadily. The upward move now in mild correction leeway. That five-day losing streak now formed a symmetrical triangle that could force the price make a decision. The burst through the downside could drag the price further down to 3515 satoshi.

However, I am positive on GUP making a pull back from the current level. The current triangle could stage a positive move upward as part of the continuous upswing pattern. The price touched around 5400 and immediately rebounded indicating market interest. The previous price surge confirmed the reversal trend.

Resistance level to watch,

The recent Alpha release is paving for the official launching of the app in coming months,

I am in generally bullish about GUP, the project is not a phony money grabbing scam, The mobile dating market is huge. Being the first in the market, Matchpool is in pole position to rip the benefits.

Trading idea: Hodl for immediate to medium term.

Buy GUP at Changelly, credit card option available.


Buy Gup Token with Bitcoin at Bittrex or HitBTC.

Supported GUP Wallets : MyEtherWallet + Jaxx.


Matchpool $GUP Links
Official Matchpool Website
Matchpool Community Forum
GUP Blockexplorer
Facebook @matchpoolhq
Twitter @matchpool
Reddit r/Matchpool
Matchpool Slack
Matchpool Discord

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Please do your own due diligence before making any investment decision. This article should not serve as investment advice. This post is mainly as reference and tutorial for trading on possible cryptocurrency breakout.

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