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The roller coaster ride of PascalCoin against Bitcoin (PASC/BTC) price was getting considerable attention from altcoin trading communities. The traders are divided over the authenticity of this PascalCoin frenzy.

PascalCoin PASC/BTC technical analysis

PascalCoin PASC/BTC underwent massive selloff amid buyers exit from recent sizable rally. And the intensity of the sharp downward trend embodied several lower-lows. Consequently, formed a definitive cypher pattern around 0.000622.

PascalCoin (PASC/BTC) Next Course : Pump or Dump?

PascalCoin (PASC/BTC)

The sheer drop of PASC/BTC price to more than 56% from the height to the range of 0.382 fibonacci retracement were clear signal of speculators profit takings. But , the price durability staying above important support at 0.000600BTC could maintain a bullish prospect. The buying interest that keep the price 0.00052838(0.236 Fibonacci Reatracement Level) and sustain the enthusiasm on the PascalCoin project. Please check out Poloniex Butcoin exchange market to trade and see the latest selling and buying walls to determined the buyers/sellers sentiments.

BTC Exchanges and Charts With PascalCoin #PASC Trading

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The author is a self-described cryptocurrency activist. Ironically, he is not involved directly on the development and mining. But a keen trader that specifically studying and analyzing the chart and prices based on zen principles of candlesticks price action techniques. And most importantly, he is always prone to deceiving price movements that can exposes to trading losses. So trading based on his personal opinions is extremely risky and not advisable.

Please do your own due diligence before making any investment decision. This article should not serve as investment advice. This post is mainly as reference and tutorial for trading on possible cryptocurrency breakout.

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