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Startis was dumped hard today as much as -24% drop in BitTrex. With new Breeze Wallet launched, new partnership announcement and other development-related news, it was hardly any particular justifiable logic for such a big trash.

Stratis (STRAT) Loses Almost 1/4 of Its Value Today

If there are no adverse development behind the scene, this could give us a big chance to get in for some cheap STRAT. STRAT is backed with reliable tech, experienced dev team and healthy community. So, I am fairly confident with the prospect of Stratis.

What is Stratis (STRAT)?

Stratis (STRAT) is a blockchain platform launched in August 2016. It permits developers and enterprises to test and deploy Blockchain-based applications, equipping programmers with a Blockchain building interface using C# and the Microsoft.NET Framework. The cryptocurrency of the same name started life as a proof-of-stake token (using the X13 range of hashing algorithms), but it became a pure proof-of-stake coin at block 12,500. Stratis’ initial wallet was a standard Qt-based application forked from Blackcoin, but the project also develops a custom, privacy-oriented wallet (called Breeze) which uses TumbleBit, payment hub that allows parties to make fast, anonymous, off-blockchain payments through an entrusted intermediary called the Tumbler. Initial announcement.

STRAT aim is to be the one-stop shop for all things blockchain, essentially becoming a Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) platform. They recently got the highest level support from companies like Microsoft. Stratis has made itself indispensable to developers as it gives them the ability to code in C# which opens up a ton of possibilities for app and other developers. Technology wise, STRAT is a clone of Bitcoin’s core code, with a few enhanced features and written in C# language instead of C++.

Stratis 2017 Roadmap
Stratis 2017 Roadmap

source : developer outline


Breeze Wallet with Tumblebit

The Big Drop Today

Largest Guesstimated Wallets

Why would I look at these?
These are the wallets that keep the most STRAT. Such a big movement in price required someone with substantial STRAT to sell. So, I can only assume some of these wallets were offloading partial of the holdings.

How owned these wallets?
It could be the development team(company) that upkeep certain amount. It could also belong to the initial backers(investors) or big whales.

Stratis (STRAT) richlist distribution diagram

The top 20 richest STRAT wallets. The highlighted wallet represented wallet with transactions for the last 24 hours. Only 8 out of 20 wallets with any changes(transactions which also include buying deals), it is hardly significant.

Anywhere, all are not conclusive. Unless you want to take a deeper diagnosis, please take a look for your for the real time blockchain explorer here.

Trading Volume of STRAT

STRAT volume in a month

The volume was increasing gradually since last week.

STRAT Buy Sell Wall

STRAT buysell wall

The STRAT Buy/Sell Wall, Market Depth, showing healthy buying order. But the selling wall is piling up.

STRAT/BTC Technical Overview

STRAT/BTC Daily Chart. data:BitTrex

The STRAT/BTC price was down about 17% and currently trading at 0.00135542 BTC. with the volume of 5,785 BTC in aggregated data compiled on coinmarketcap. STRAT in four straight days losses after it was rejected on the price of 0.00275200 on August 10.

The price crashed below 100-day Moving Averages and plunged further southward. The price could bottom out around 0.00118130 (strong support zone with double bottom formation).  DMI and Stochastic both in favoring a reversal trend in near term.

Trade Idea: Entry setup around 0.00118130 level.


Changelly Plus Other Cryptocurrencies.
Ledger Wallet Hardware wallet,


BTC Exchanges and Charts With STRAT Trading,

Yobit : pair – STRAT/BTC
BitTrex : pair – STRAT/BTC, STRAT/ETH
: pair – STRAT/BTC
: pair – STRAT/BTC : pair – STRAT/BTC


Stratis #STRAT Links
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Facebook @STRAT
Twitter @stratisplatform
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Please do your own due diligence before making any investment decision. This article should not serve as investment advice. This post is mainly as reference and tutorial for trading on possible cryptocurrency breakout.

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